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About Wilde Thyme Foods

Sue Wilsey and Bill Thomas enjoy good food. We also have a love for soup! As neighbors and good friends, we started our tasty business, Wilde Thyme Foods, in August 2004 by purchasing the recipes for 7 soups and 9 dips. Seeing the possibilities of this business, we followed a passion of creating simple, yet delicious soups, dips, and mixes. Wilde Thyme is proud to now offer over 30 different Simple Soups and Simple Dips as well as several Soup for Two and Simple Mixes. We credit our friends, families, customers, restaurants, and cookbooks as inspiration for creating new products.

To meet customer requests and needs, Wilde Thyme Foods has worked to develop soups that fit into special categories. We offer vegetarian, vegan, salt-free, dairy-free, and contains no gluten soups. We are continually looking for ways to expand our line of simple and delicious soups, dips, and mixes. Enjoy!
Sue & Bill

Our Products

We are committed to making sure that our soups, dips, and mixes contain only the finest ingredients including freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. We consistently search for the best ingredients and sources for our products, whether it is natural cheese powder from a Wisconsin creamery or chocolate powder from Ghirardelli. Wilde Thyme Foods is committed to developing products that are simple and quick to prepare. Our soups simply require water to be added to create a delicious home-style meal. Our dips mix with either sour cream or cream cheese. For consistency, each of our products is hand packaged one at a time. Wilde Thyme products are made in Holland, Michigan, and are licensed through the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

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